Where Are Indian Motorcycles Made? Secretly Made in China?

Where Indian motorcycles made

Indian motorcycles are a staple of American motorcycle culture.

The brand even brags about being America’s First Motorcycle Company…

But…Is Indian Motorcycle as ”American” as the company let on?

Here is the Truth…

Where Are Indian Motorcycles Made?

Currently, Indian motorcycles are assembled in the Iowa city of Spirit Lake, in the United States.

Where are Indian motorcycles made

Before 2011, Indian motorcycles were made in a facility in King’s Mountain, North Carolina.

I don’t know why I get some Lord of the Rings vibe… But here’s what happened in my head when I heard ”making motorcycles” and ”King’s Mountain” in the same sentence…

All I can think of now are beardy dwarves building epic motorcycles…How cool would that be!

Anyway between 1998 and 2003 Indian motorcycle production was in Gilroy, California. That was until the company that owned Indian motorcycle declared bankruptcy at the time.

You can actually see a resume of the Indian motorcycle timeline since it debut in 1897 or 1901 if you don’t count that it took 4 years for the company to build its first motorcycle.

So Indian motorcycle was a very American company in its debuts in 1897…

But is it still that ”American” today? Let us dig deeper…

Are All Indian Motorcycles Made in America?

Yes, All Indian motorcycles are assembled in Spirit Lake Iowa in the USA. Even though the company owning Indian motorcycles got several factories worldwide the bikes are still assembled in the United State.

This is what the company claims; all Indian Motorcycles come from the USA.

Que the giant American flag beside that statement right here. 🙂

Where Indian motorcycles made

But hold your horses…

The claim of ”made in the USA” does not carry the full truth for Indian Motorcycle.

Did you notice that I mentioned ”Assembled” and not ”manufactured” in my answer to: where are Indian motorcycles made?

Here is the twist…this is where Indian motorcycles are a bit less American.

Are Indian Motorcycles 100% American-Made?

No. Indian motorcycles are assembled in the USA, but some amount of the parts of Indian bikes is manufactured in various foreign countries such as China.

This is the case for instance of some models of wheels installed on Indian Motorcycles.

An American worker will install the wheel on an Indian bike… But the metal wheel was forged in distant Chinese lands then shipped to the USA.

So Indian Motorcycles are very ”American” but are not a 100% ”Made in the USA”

There are also miscellaneous parts, electronic in particular, that were manufactured around the world that will be shipped to Spirit Lake Iowa for the final assembly of the motorcycle.

Are Indian Motorcycles Secretly Made in China?

Indian Motorcycles are not made in China. Although it is worth mentioning that some parts of an Indian motorcycle are manufactured in China and then shipped for the final assembly in the United State.

This is something that Indian Motorcycle does not deny…but doesn’t put in the spotlight either.

It kind of ruins the ”Made in the USA” statement does it?

There is also talk of moving some of the Indian Motorcycle production to Poland to reduce the price of the motorcycles sold in Europe due to retaliatory tariffs.

Time will tell about what the company that owns Indian motorcycles will choose as a business decision.

Who Owns the Indian Motorcycles Brand?

Polaris currently owns the brand of Indian Motorcycle as a parent company. Polaris, which in turn is owned by Textron Inc an American company, purchased Indian Motorcycle in 2011 from the previous owner Stellican Ltd.

This is another point where Indian Motorcycles is seriously American even today.

Americans still own the Brand.

-The Indian bikes are made in Spirit Lake, Iowa USA.

-The headquarter of its parent company Polaris is in Medina, Minnesota USA.

-And the mother company; Textron Inc, which own Polaris, who then own Indian motorcycle is still based in the United State in Rhode Island.

Merica power for the Indian bikes!

Is Indian Motorcycle An American Company? Final words.

Yes, even though some parts manufacture is done overseas. In contrast, both the motorcycle assembly line and ownership of the Indian Motorcycle brand reside in the United States.

Where are Indian motorcycles made

In today’s world, I was very surprised to find out that Indian motorcycles are that ”American”.

Although is it not 100% American made It is probably the most ”American” and ”Made in the USA” Motorcycle brand right now…

Unlike a different motorcycle company that claims otherwise…

Sorry, Harley but you should have thought better of still pretending to the ”made in the USA”.  America was not happy when you moved most of your production to India.

So if you want a real American motorcycle you know which Dealer to visit.

Take Care. Ride Safe.

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