Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Predator Helmet

So you want a predator motorcycle helmet on your head.

I guess you’re interested in looking like an outworlder badass riding your motorbike. I can respect that.

That is a sure way to look incredibly cool, and your awesome levels will go off the chart, my friend.

I mean, we’re all emotional meat bags called humans, so many of us wish to increase our self-esteem. 

That is perfectly normal and acceptable behavior.

Gaining the attention and curiosity of fellow members of our species is part of our basic needs.

Impersonating a predator is an effective way of doing that.

You will probably turn most people’s heads with a sense of fascination or unrest looking at you. 

Others, you’ll put a smile on their face and make their day while passing by.

Some will even shout out to you the very gratifying “cool helmet bro!” “Sick look man!”.

And it is a matter of time before you stumble on the ultimate form of praise. 

That is Little Kids thinking you’re the coolest thing that ever existed. 🙂

Or it will backfire and scare them away, running and crying.

A predator motorcycle helmet looks like a bunch of fun. 🙂


Yes, there is a BIG ”but” about riding on your motorcycle with a predator helmet.

In fact, there are many critical issues.

Actually, riding with a predator helmet is a heck of a bad idea.

Are Predator Biker Helmets Good?

Most predator motorcycle helmets are flat-out trash

Sorry to break your dreams here.

But why are they such garbage? 

  • Basics motorcycle helmet features are absent.
  • Safety issues and abysmal protection of the rider head.
  • Misleading DOT and ECE certification.
  • Illegal for motorcycle use in some states and countries.

Let’s begin with why you would like to wear a predator motorcycle helmet.

  • To identify with something with a strong cultural reference.
  • To look cool as hell.
  • Be different from the majority. 

In short, you want to look badass and stand out from the crowd. 🙂

Manufacturers and sellers of theses helmets know this very well. 

A manufacturer’s goal with a motorcycle predator helmet is to make it look like the real thing.

That is the leading and only decent reason that this thing can generate sales.

Thus aspects that make a proper motorcycle helmet go out the window in favor of the helmet visual. 

What only matters is the fictional caracter looks.

Not safety, not comfort, not durability, not safety performance, etc. 

Predator helmets for motorcycles are mostly scammy money grabs! 

They are a glorified Halloween costume with “motorcycle helmet” posted all over it.

And that creates big safety and legal concerns.

Is the Predator Helmet DOT and ECE Approved?

Nope. Predator motorcycle helmets are not DOT or ECE certified. 

Even if sellers of the helmets say otherwise, it is often based on half-truths or false certifications. 

Contrary to their manufacturer claims, most of these helmets would fail a DOT and ECE safety test.

Yet, I will give some specific makers and seller of the helmets the benefit of the doubt. 

I will assume some mean well about the safety certifications of their products.

They may be unaware that their way of making the predator helmet will void a DOT or ECE approval.

These makers buy existing motorcycle helmets approved for legal road usage with proper DOT certification.

They then use them as a baseline to work on in their shops.

The worker custom molds the predator shape using various composites over the existing helmet.

Sadly this modification will void the original helmet safety certification.

It is a shame since some of these makers are skilled artists doing their job. Their craftsmanship skills can be pretty impressive.

On the other side, you have shady predator motorcycle helmet manufacturers.

These are not bothered for lying about their product safety certification.

They tell you their product conforms to DOT and ECE and slap a counterfeit DOT and ECE sticker at the back.

If you have doubts, send the helmet seller a message. 

Request to see a copy of the DOT – ECE safety certificate documents for the helmet model. 

Explain that you need proof this helmet was properly tested before making a purchase. 

Chances are, you won’t even receive a reply.

What About Authentic DOT Predator Motorcycle Helmets?

Some predator motorcycle helmets got an official and genuine DOT certification.

The makers of these helmets took the time to make their product legal. 

They did the required testing and legal paperwork for DOT certification. YEAH!

Here the problem.

If you don’t know, the DOT motorcycle helmet certification is a complete joke, to begin with. 

It is a notoriously common problem with ”out of the ordinary look” motorcycle helmets.

Even if the helmet is legal, it could be unsafe.

This doesn’t even yet account for some common trickery with DOT

Most DOT-approved helmets don’t even get lab-tested, or at least not correctly.

How is it possible? 

Because the DOT certification is an Honor system. 

DOT assumes the helmet manufacturers will perform the required tests on their own or ask a private contractor to do it for them.

That right; self-test and self-certify their own product safety…

”Self certify a motorcycle helmet as safe and tested and not lie about it?” 

No chance anybody will be dishonest about the safety performance of their products… Right?

No possible conflict of interest here!

I recommend you watch Ryan F9 video at Fortnite on the subject. 

10 minutes watch that is absolutely worth your time. 

You won’t see or trust a DOT sticker the same way ever again.

Are Predator Motorcycle Helmets legal?

For the most part, No, they are not legal to ride your motorcycle with.

Yet, the reason they are illegal is not obvious. 

It is not a direct ban of the predator motorcycle helmet in particular.

It that most of theses helmets DOT certification is bogus, dubious, or questionable at best.

That is why You could get into trouble with legal details. 

Buying a DOT-certified helmet to mold the predator shape over would also not legally work. 

In the eye of the law, this will render the helmet unsafe and illegal and void the safety certification.

The molding also often hides the original DOT sticker at the back of your helmet. These DOT sticker needs to be visible at all times.

Plus, remember you attract attention with that thing on your head?

You’re going to stand out to many people, and that includes those who enforce the DOT regulations.

Because of this, educated police officers or DOT inspectors could pull you over and give you trouble.

They could determine your helmet as not up to safety standards and not safe to use.

Unless you’re nice and polite to distract the officer who acts all human. 

This could make them forget or not even think about the legal aspects of your helmet. 

They then find your helmet so cool and end the encounter by giving you compliments on your look.

Moral of the story for Earth roaming predators.

Being nice and polite to human cops is an effective way to avoid trouble if you’re detected.

How can you legally Ride with the Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Ask for a copy of the D.O.T. FMVSS 21 certificate from the helmet manufacturer. This provides legal proof to present in case of doubt. 

Or you could rely on some state law that doesn’t require you to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding.

Unless you have a True D.O.T. or ECE certified motorcycle helmet, you have a novelty helmet on your head.

Or no helmet at all from a certain legal point of view.

Which is legal in certain states in the USA.

Are Predator Helmets Safe for Motorcycle Use?

Predator helmets are not safe to ride with in the event of a crash.

Don’t expect your chances of survival to be that high by crashing on your ”alien” head.

Price-wise, predator helmets are not cheap. Because you know, the manufacturer and seller of these “motorcycle helmets” love money.

In fact, these helmets maker love money so much they had to make budget cuts somewhere. 

Don’t assume the high price mean ”safe” quality.

For starters, most predator helmets have false DOT certification.

Because you know, who got time for all this mandatory testing and paperwork. Time is money!

Just slap that random DOT sticker on the back and voila!

Ho! Also, put that ECE one for extra ”seem legit” bullshit.

These helmets are also made of subpar material for motorcycle use. 

As in cheap composite plastic, not suitable for a rider protection.

If you want to know what a cheap excuse of a helmet will do in the event of a crash rather than wearing a proper lifesaver on your head. Watch this.

What about the ”Predator mold” over a Certified DOT Helmet?

It still alters the safety performance of the helmet underneath. And not in a good way.

Some predator motorcycle helmets are a mold over an actual DOT-certified helmet.

Logical thinking would be that the extra composite might act as additional protection. 

But, in reality, it will increase the G force impact on your head when crashing. 

You are decreasing your chances of survival.

Also, since the shape of many predator helmets is so large and not uniform, there is a more significant risk.

There is a fair chance that the helmet will not “slide” on the pavement during a high-speed crash as motorcycle helmets should.

Sliding on the road in the event of a crash negates the force of the impact (G Forces) that could kill you outright. 

Typical full-face or even open-face motorcycle helmets are round and oval for a reason.

Because of the unusual shape of the predator helmet, it could suddenly snag itself on something. 

This will bring you to a dead stop or catapult you into the air…by using your head as leverage.

Yep, game over, you’re a dead alien wannabe with a broken neck.

Best Uses For The Predator Motorcycle Helmet.

The best use of this kind of helmet is not to use it as a motorcycle helmet.

Again sorry to break your dream of being a badass creture motorcycling down the highway.

But listen. 

You are a free being. You’re a grown-up, and you can make any decision on your own.

If you still want to be a predator rider, all the power to you, my friend.

You have my blessing riding as a badass alien.

Might as well go all out on the build and look quality with plenty of choices so Check out these guys

Life is short. If you think that will bring you fun and joy, go for it.

The reason I am not ok with the predator motorcycle helmet is not the helmet itself.

It is the sellers and manufacturers of these helmets that I have a big problem with.

They claim that their product is something it is not and lying to their customers about a severe safety issue.

A predator motorcycle helmet is far from the safest option for riding your motorbike.

But now you’re aware of that. If you still want to ride with that helmet, always remember this.

You’re riding with an unsafe piece of equipment. Ride accordingly.

Otherwise, buddy, may many heads turn on your many rides if you still want to make such a purchase.

Ride Safe.