The 25 Best, Coolest And Useful Gadgets For Motorcycle Riders

lightmode helmets

Some Motorcycle Gadgets deserve a place on your bike for how useful they are.

Other gimmicks aren’t so beneficial, but hey, they look cool as hell.

GO GO Gadget swag, my man. 🙂

I compiled a list of the best motorcycle gizmos to consider and to get your hand on in 2021.

Table of Content

Cool and Visual Motorcycle Gadgets

1. LightMode Helmet Lights

Lightmode Motorcycle Helmet Light

This is an amazing visual gadget you can add to any Helmet for night riding made by

It is sure to make some heads turn as you ride along looking like a TRON movie character.

The way it works is a battery that you stick to the back of your helmet will power the illuminating tape for up to six hours.

I will add that this gadget makes you noticeable and thus more visible, so bonus point for safety.

Apparently, police officers Love the concept in a good way 🙂

If You Are Interested in Getting a Lightmode Helmet Kit


2. Motorcycle Glow Kit

Motorcycle underglow glow kit

If you want to take your visual impression even further, an under glow light kit is your next gadget to consider for your bike.

Now here is what is ingenious about this glow kit, and I applaud it.

It links with the brake light electrical system of a bike.

It means that whatever glow color is active when you hit the brake, it will automatically turn red in sync with your brake light to signal you are slowing down.

Great bonus point for motorcycle safety in my book.

Fair Warning

Do be aware that in many states, a vehicle under glow is Illegal or restricted.

You will need to do your homework and check with your local laws.

Still, Interested in this glow kit?


Smart Motorcycle Gadgets

3. Brake Light Modulator

Motorcycle Brake pulse light

It is a device to avoid rear end-collision

how does it work when a motorcycle is equipped with a light modulator modification?

When a rider uses its brake, the modulator automatically pulse flashes the rear brake light in quick succession for a moment then turns the light ”solid” like a regular brake light.

In Theory, this ”blinking rear brake light” is intended to attract the attention of vehicles following the motorcycle to let them know the bike is slowing down.

In this day and age of distracted and inattentive drivers on our roads, I think a brake light modulator is an intelligent choice for a gadget.

If drivers behind you find it annoying, tough luck, it is their problem.

I have seen too many rear-ended bikes at intersections because car drivers are too busy looking at their phones.

Fair Warning

This device only works on LED brake lights and unless you know what you are doing with electrical wiring, ask for a bike shop or professional to do the installation.

Interested in a Brake Light Modulator?


4. Tire Pressure Monitor

tire pressure monitoring system

A low-pressure tire on a car is an inconvenience, but it can be life-threatening on a motorcycle.

This handy piece of kit will wirelessly keep an eye on your tire pressure and relay the data in real-time.

Very convenient to give you those precious seconds you need to pull to the side of the road before your tire is completely flat and your bike handling goes out the window.

Interested in a Tire Pressure Monitor?


5. Action Camera

Action camera motorcycle

Although they are advertised mainly as an excellent way to capture and record memories, they can legally save your butt.

People like to argue and shift back and forth about who is at fault in an accident for insurance purposes.

A recording action camera will clarify that you were not at fault if this is the case and can also help you against a false claim by a police officer.

Interested in A Motorcycle Action Camera?


6. Motorcycle Dashcams System

Motorcycle Dash Cam

Possibly useful for the same legal reason that an action camera.

But instead, this product comes with two cameras for the front and back of your motorcycle.

Unlike most dashcams, this model is water-resistant and safe to ride in the rain.

The system activates and deactivates automatically on a bike start-up and shuts down to prevent a motorcycle battery drain.

If something noticeable happens on the road, these babies will see and record it.

Interested in Motorcycle Dashcams System?


7. Motorcycle Communication System

motorcycle communication system

A handy and enjoyable piece of tech when you ride in a group.

They are similar to talkie walkie or CB radio that you can install in your motorcycle helmet

Once paired you can talk in real-time with bikers who got the same device you have.

The device can also sync to your phone and receive traditional calls, as well as play music inside your helmet.

Interested in a Motorcycle Communication System?


8. Combined Communication and Camera System

Motorcycle Camera and Communication system

This gadget is very similar to the previous one except that it also features a side-mounted camera.

Yet, I had to think long and hard about throwing this device in the ”motorcycle gadget to avoid” list.

I’ll briefly tell you why;

With a hybrid communication and camera system, the recording video and sound quality is garbage most of the time.

If you want to capture beautiful images while riding, buy a dedicated action camera instead.

It is a case of an item that can do two things with okayish results rather than a device that is great at doing only one job.

Although in defense of a Combined communication and camera, the device will still produce usable video evidence in a worst-case scenario.

I will also add that this gizmo has far superior aerodynamic and generate lesser wind sound and drag than a side-mounted squared-shaped action camera.

Interested in a Combined Communication and Camera System?


9. Bluetooth Phone Remote

Motorcycle Bluetooth Phone Remote

A convenient piece of technology to attach to your motorcycle handlebar.

It will allow you to control your phone music and calls while keeping your hands close to your bike controls.

Simple, practical design, rain-resistant for motorcycle use, and dependable.

Interested in a Bluetooth Phone Remote?


10. Beeline GPS Navigation Compass

Motorcycle Nav-ball navigation gps

This is quite a little unusual navigation gadget for motorcycles that successfully kickstarted in 2015.

In short, this is a minimalist navigation GPS meant for motorcyclists and bicycles users.

Link your phone to the device and use the device app to mark your desired destination.

Once this is done, the Beeline will guide you by pointing the navigation arrow in the right direction.

There is two navigation mode, ”route” mode will guide you through a specific path similar to a traditional GPS.

Yet I particularly appreciate the second ”compass mode” which tells you the direction of your destination but leaves it up to you to choose how to get there.

It still gives you the freedom to roam around and explore while still being aware of the direction you should take to get to your destination.

Interested in the Beeline GPS Navigation Compass?


11. Gps Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

What happens if your beloved bike goes missing?

If you installed a GPS tracker on your motorcycle, there is an excellent chance to find your ride again.

Open up the app to know where your bike is, and you can report its location to the authorities.

Another useful function would be to give your loved ones the GPS tracker app password.

Doing so will let them know your location when the cellphone network is unavailable.

I am not responsible if you follow my advice and your spouse suspects you are cheating, and you gave a solution to start spying on you. 🙂


Don’t hide the tracker in your motorcycle seat compartment or saddlebag. Those are the first two places a thief will look for a tracker and rip it off.

Fair Warning

GPS trackers require a subscription fee to be active.

Interested in A Gps Tracker for Your Motorcycle?


Safety Motorcycle Gadgets

12. Loud Denali Horn

Denali Sound Horn

If you have been riding for at least a couple of months you know how distracted and uncaring cars drivers are these days.

Also, I feel that in this day and age of car interiors getting more and more soundproofing, our motorcycle’s horns have become inadequately too quiet.

Time for an upgrade… and scaring the $#!@ out of drivers that make dangerous maneuvers around us.

Meet the Denali Air Horn.

It produces between 120 and 130-decibel sounds compared to a typical motorcycle horn of 95 to 100 dB.

It might not sound like a lot, but the decibel scale is logarithmic.

In plain English, that means that a gain of 10-decibel units is twice as loud.

So yeah, the Denali Horn is around four times as loud as a stock motorcycle horn.

To give you a comparative example, the sound level is a close second to a Semi-truck air horn.

It is not as loud but just as surprising and an effective way to make yourself heard.

Interested in Getting the Loud Denali Horn?


If you prefer something more reasonable on par with the sound level of a car horn, here is your alternative 115 dB.

13. Fire extinguisher

Motorcycle Fire Extinguisher

Far from a new trend or a sexy gadget, I agree.

Sometimes there might be a problem with a motorcycle’s internal wiring getting a short circuit and here comes the sweet scent of burning…

Also, a downed bike may spill gasoline and ignite during a crash due to metal grinding generating a spark or dripping fuel bursting into flames from the engine’s heat.

A downed bike that ended up in a ditch with dry grass is also a potential fire hazard.

It might be awkward to have a fire extinguisher while riding alone, but I think this item got his place in a group ride.

Interested in A Compact Fire Exteinguiser for Motorcycle?


14. Airbag vest

Motorcycle Turtle Air Bag

Motorcycle airbags aren’t a new gadget. They have been around for quite a while.

Airbags for bikers have proven to reduce the mortality rate in an accident drastically, yet I barely see them on the road. Why is that?

Mainly their high price point is a deterrent, but also their poor user experience is an issue.

Electronic and Gps airbags are a pain to deal with, and in my opinion, it requires that you sell a tiny part of your soul to the airbag maker with a subscription fee and other BS.

I do, however, have one recommendation for a motorcycle airbag; The Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest.

Simple of use, mechanical and dependable trigger in case of an accident, and easy to reset.

That the way motorcycle airbags should be done.


Must-Have Motorcycle Gadget

Sound filtering Earplug is a must-have for a motorcycle rider. Hearing loss over time for motorcyclists is a common issue and a significant long-term permanent health problem.

15. Earplug

Motorcycle Ear plugs

Wow… Earplug, what an exciting subject for motorcycle gadgets…

The ”must-have motorcycle gadget”? Please. XD

It seems like the dumbest thing or a bad joke…

Yet I classify them as the top must-have, and here’s why…

Fact, even in the best scenario with a ”quiet” full-face, you will lose some of your hearing over your riding career without hearing protection.

The main antagonist here is the air hitting your face or helmet as you travel and generating ”wind noise.”

Now here’s why the earplugs I recommend are special.

These earplugs are engineers to filter specific acoustic frequencies and block ”bad” sounds while allowing ”goods” sound to be heard.

So less wind noise yet lesser muffling for hearing vehicle horn, siren, human voice, etc.

Yes, they are overpriced, but they do ”make you hear better” than any other earplugs, and you can wash and reuse them until the end of time.

If that is too high of a price for you, go to your local hardware store and buy your dirt cheap everyday work earplugs instead.

They will do just fine.

Please protect your hearing.

If EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs Interest You


Practicals Motorcycle Gadgets

16. Throttle assist

Motorcycle Throttle Assist

A ”where has this been all my life” case when I got one for myself.

This little curved piece of plastic can be installed in under a minute on your throttle handle and will reduce a lot of fatigue on your fingers during a long ride.

Especially useful to negate vibrations from high RPM engines and lower CC bikes.


17. Photochromatic Glasses

motorcycle photochromic glasses

If you don’t know what Photochromatic or Glasses are…

it is a pair of sunglasses that automatically darken on a sunny day and become clear in low light conditions.

They are also known as transition glasses.

I possess a pair, and although I don’t use them that much anymore since I upgraded my helmet visors, I still carry them as a dependable backup for eye protection when riding.

Also handy as regular sunglasses when taking off your helmet during a ride break.


18. Night riding Glasses

Motorcycle night riding glasses

It is an excellent item to reduce eye fatigue at night and ”trick” the eye into seeing ”brighter” in low light conditions.

Yet they need some ambient light to work as intended, so I would not recommend you ride with these glasses on unlit roads at night.

If you wish to learn more about night riding glasses, I have a dedicated post on the subject you can visit by Clicking here.

Interested in Night Riding Glasses?


19. Portable Battery Booster

Motorcycle battery booster

This gem of a gadget can sure get you out of trouble if you ever find your bike doesn’t have enough battery juice to start up.

Plug the respective clamp on your battery terminals, hit the booster switch while pushing your ignition, and your motorcycle will start.

It also doubles as a flashlight, a pulsing emergency light, a portable USB battery to recharge electronic devices, and you can also jump-start cars with it.

The portable swiss army knife of battery boosters.

Interested in A Portable Battery Booster?


20. Usb Charger with Voltmeter

Motorcycle USB charger Voltmeter

Convenient little gadget for recharging your electronics, and it come with an integrated fuse in case of an electrical problem.

I love the voltmeter function to let me know the health of my battery.

It avoids the painful task of removing all the fairing to access the battery and pulling out a real voltmeter to take a reading.

Fair Warning

Discipline yourself to remember to turn off this USB charger when the bike is not in use. It could take a long time, but it could drain your battery if you forget the charger with the switch on.

Interested in this Voltmeter USB Charger?


21. Phone Mount

Motorcycle phone mount

Phone mounts for motorcycles are significantly useful but making a reliable product for bikers is difficult to pull off.

You don’t want to buy any cheap phone holder while riding.

Road bumping, wind force and motorcycle leaning call all make an unreliable mount lose its grip on your phone

Let me tell you; your heart skips a beat when you see it happen before your eyes. Ask me how I know.

Ram mount is what I recommend for motorcycle riders.

Interested in A RAM Phone Mount?


22. Air Pump

motorcycle air pump

If you’re a flat tire magnet like me, you will love this.

It is a small compact portable air compressor pump designed for motorcycle riders.

It comes with a 12volt or alligator clap adaptor to draw power from a bike battery.

You will, of course, have first to patch the reason your tire is losing air with a repair kit, but this little gadget can sure finish the job and save your riding day.

Interested in the Stop & Go motorcycle air pump?


23. Heated Grips

motorcycle heated grips

A true blessing when riding in chili weather.

Just flip the switch, and this will make your grip nice and cozy in a matter of minutes.

Make sure they will fit the diameter of your handlebars as there are different sizes.

Interested in Heated Grips?


24. Magnetic Tank Bag

Motorcycle Magnetic Tank bags

Just place the bag over your tank, and it will automatically secure itself with the integrated magnets sewed into the nylon fabric.

Easy to take off, carry it with you, and put it back on.


25. Disc Brake Lock

Motorcycle brake disc lock

A chain lock attached to a bolted ground anchor would be the most secure option for your motorcycle.

But a close second and in a more portable version is a disc brake lock like this one.

In short, you attach this device to one of your wheels discs, and this will prevent your bike from being moved until the lock is removed.

Gadget to Avoid.

Automatic Chain Oiler

I have two reasons why you should never install this on a bike.

First, it is unreliable and it could spray oil too far on your rear wheel brake system… Good times when your rear disc brake is too slippery to slow you down.

The second reason is that it will make you lazy to check on the health of your chain. Oiling and lubing are not enough in the first place to take care of your chain.

Clean, check slack, check overall health, rust, check sprocket teeth, and then lube. That is how you do it properly.

Check often, clean, and lube every 600 miles or sooner.

Please stay away from automatic chain oilers; they make you lazy and are a potential safety issue.

High-Tech Motorcycle Gadgets Prototypes in Devellopement and Parting Words.

There are some very lovely technologies coming for motorcycles such as;

  • Head-Up-Displays
  • Smart Helmets
  • Helmet Brake Light

I really really want Head-Up-Display and Smart Helmets, among other remarkable technologies, to be a thing for bikers.

But all these concepts are not quite there yet.

There are too many bugs, bulkiness, safety issues, reliability, etc, that need sorting before I recommend them in this worthwhile motorcycle gadgets list.

Otherwise, I hope you found something for you on this list that will positively improve your riding enjoyment.

Ride Safe.