Ultimate Verso Ls2 Helmet Hands-on Review

Verso Ls2 Helmet Hands-on Review

Hands-on Ls2 Verso OF570 Helmet Review

My impression: Excellent value open face helmet for the city explorer.


  • Affordable Entry-level pricing
  • Excellent field of view
  • Dropdown sun visor
  • Quick-release ratchet chin strap
  • Surprisingly quiet for an open face
  • washable and removable anti-bacterial liner
  • Reflective safety patch at the back


  • Lifting the shield halfway will automatically raise the sun visor. (annoying feature)
  • Some users reported their helmet sizing being too small
  • Some users reported the low end of the face shield touching their chin (annoying)
  • Could use more ventilation for the top of the user’s head
  • No space for earbuds

Certification DOT – ECE 22.05

Shells size and weight

First impression

I am always a fan of the fighter / helicopter pilot helmet look or sci-fi vibe on some motorcycle helmets. Like this model, this is the Verso OF570. 

Made by Ls2 and designed as a city helmet, I agree with this role designation after trying it out.

Spoiler! The Verso is good at its job.

Yet, when I saw the low price asked for this item, I was skeptical.

Where the catch? Is it all good looks and no guts?

After reading other users’ comments, I decided to buy it and take it for some riding to find out if this helmet any good.

Picture of me riding with it

As expected, it does have some issues here and there. But they are minors inconveniences. 

In fact, at this price point, I am genuinely impressed!

That thing is an excellent bang for your buck.

I had a blast taking it out in the streets of Montreal city. And I am usually someone who doesn’t enjoy large cities and downtowns riding sessions.

So let break down why this helmet worth it!

Build and Safety


Ls2 made the Verso shell of their homebrewed polycarbonate blend.

They call it “KPA” short for Kinetic Polymer Alloy. Quite the fancy title for composite material. 

Ls2 claims this composite offers high penetration resistance and offers ultra-lightweight properties.


Is it Ultra-lightweight like the manufacturer claims?

Because it is made of KPA with it Ultra-light feature of the composite blend?

At four pounds for an open face helmet, sorry, but no. It could be heavier, sure, but it is not “Ultra” light.

Still, it is manageable and comfortable on the neck and shoulders.

Safety Certification 

For the mentioned high penetration resistance of the KPA composite, sure, I’ll agree with it. The helmet is ECE 22.05 certified after all to prove this point. 

It also gives a solid, robust feeling when handled and still retains decent flexibility.

I could not confirm by looking at Ls2 online description of the helmet if it is DOT certified

It is. I found the answer when I unboxed the helmet.


Sizing and Fit – Head Shape

As mentioned in the pros and cons section, some users reported having issues with the sizing. 

They mentioned that the helmet was too small for them even by referring to the sizing chart. 

It is the most recurrent and complained problem I found across the board for this helmet.

But, most of these complaints involved motorcyclists needing a size L and higher. I did not find comments about people needing a smaller size having this kind of struggle.

For me needing a Medium size, the sizing is on point with no problem.

Picture of me inside with the helmet on

There also seems to be a connection between the oval head shape of the helmet and other users’ complaints. It seems to be causing discomfort for rounders’ head buyers.

Again for me, I did not experience this kind of problem. The fitting is a bit snug on my cheeks but stills comfortable all around.

Liner and padding

The internal anti-bacterial liner is removable. Useful for easy and proper washing before it starts smelling like an old hockey jersey.

like my natural Canadian odor/perfume when my scalp starts sweating. 🙂

If you would like to see a demonstration of the liner and padding being removed, check out this link made by the helmet manufacturer.

The demonstration is the second video.



Speaking of sweating scalp, I would advise Ls2 for more ventilation flow for the top of the rider’s head. 

It did give me some temperature discomfort above my forehead at low traveling speed on a hot day. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but letting you know it was there.

There is only one vent on top with the open and closed position with no in-between.

Vortex generator

Otherwise, I would tell you that unlike me, you order the helmet color in white instead of black. This is because it would be more practical for heat control and extra visibility of the rider as a bonus.


In the chin-strap department, the ratchet clip is a nice touch. It is so easy and quick to use with very satisfying clicks to let you know “locked and loaded.”

The quick-release activates by using the latch or tugging on the small red strap.

And the system is actually, you know, “quick” and easy to use even with gloves on.

Worth mentioning, the strap may be a bit too close to the rider’s throat for my taste. It should have been located a bit more on the chin side. But not by much; we are talking a ¼ inch or so.

I mention this because I did experience some discomfort with the strap strangling me a bit when I til my head down. But after some tweaking and loosening, I did find a comfortable configuration.

Noise and Audio

Wind noise

Being an open-face helmet, it is not designed to be enjoyable for long high-speed rides. Especially if you don’t have a large windshield at the front of your bike.

After trying it out resumé

External Sound Insulation

For the proper testing of the sound muffling of the Verso, here what I did.

I asked my girlfriend to talk to me continuously about anything and nothing non-stop… 

You know the usual be yourself, everyday girlfriend. 

The sound became background noise as I needed, aka “I don’t really give attention or listen after 3 seconds of you talking”. Aka boyfriends and husbands problems #ifeelyoubro

Based on this very accurate scientific way of doing it, I proceeded to the next step.

Putting the helmet on and taking it off, again and again, I listened for how much reduced the ”conversation” sound was.

Here the results. 

On a scale of 10 

(10/10 being unobstructed hearing and 1/10 being almost deaf), 

It felt like a 9/10 or 8.5/10 for sound reduction. So you can hear almost normally with the helmet on your head.

Having an everyday conversation when on riding break is more than possible with the Verso. Without having to yell at the other person “WHAT!?” at every sentence. #motorcycleproblems

Earbuds – Earplugs friendly?


I could put on the helmet without them falling off my ears, but that about it for the positive. 

The padding was putting quite the inward pressure on the earbuds. This pressure then transformed into pain for my earholes. 

I endured three minutes before calling it a no-go.

Onboard Communicator Friendly?

Yes and no.

There is no opening between the helmet shell and the neck padding. So installing a mounting plate for a communication device is a no-go.

Picture of the neck padding

A communicator would have to hold on the side of the helmet with something like double-sided tape.

Otherwise, running a communication device’s wires inside the Verso is no particular hassle.


Field of View

This is where this helmet truly shines!

And that looking around while on your bike. Having a shield to protect my eyes and face and still, the field of view on this thing is fantastic! 

Photo graphique de mon champ de vision

Visor / Shield – Sun Visor

I did not notice any visual distortion with the face shield. 

But I can see why some users reported the shield touching their chin being annoying. 

Although it wasn’t a problem for me, there is barely any space between the shield and the bottom of my face.

I could squeeze a finger between, and that about it for the spacing.

A feature of this helmet is “you love it or hate it” kind of feature.

I hate it.

It is the most annoying thing in the world for me and the one thing I don’t like about the Verso.

If you got both the shield and the sun visor down and you lift the shield to the “up” position, it will raise the sun visor.

It is an automatic feature you cannot turn off. 

The idea behind this feature, according to Ls2, is if a bug fly between your visor and your face, it acts as an emergency system. To remove the bug as quickly as possible, you only have one movement to do it.

But still annoying as hell for me. And it leaves your eyes unprotected in case another bug or debris comes along.

Is it Eyeglass Friendly?

I tested it out with both sunglasses and regular vision correction glasses that I own.

The sun visor did not interfere or touched anything awkwardly.

I did not have an issue putting on my vision correction glasses that you see in this gif. But ho boy did I had trouble with my aviator sunglasses

I wasn’t prepared for the pain and misery of putting them on as they scraped my temples’ skin.

It is pretty bad, so grind your teeth and suck it up if it happen to you. 

But once you pass that miserable event and your glasses are where they should be, everything is nice and cozy.

Shield Detent Position

You only have two choices here: up or down. There is no stopper to hold it somewhere in-between.

Fogging Issue?

Nothing in particular. 

While in movement, the vortex feature of the shield does an excellent job of keeping your sights clear.

But waiting at a red light and breathing with your mouth, there can be a slight fogging at the bottom of the shield. 

Yet, the shield with its vortex feature will clean itself pretty quickly as you start moving again.

Shield Removal 

The Verso features a quick-release Shield removal system. Very convenient for doing a thorough cleaning of the shield.

Like washing it under running water.


Summary and Conclusion

A decent choice for a helmet.

Most of the cons discussed above should not even be an issue if you buy this helmet for its intended use. 

After all, it is designed as a city helmet, and that precisely what this helmet is and good at.

The Verso is an excellent choice for this purpose with a lovely entry price point. I do recommend it.

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