The Absolute Best Time of the Year to Buy a New Motorcycle

best time of year to buy a motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting time.

But when is the best time of the year to buy these fantastic machines?

There is a couple of interesting ”timing” thought the year.

These timings will give you an edge and advantages in selecting and getting a discount on the motorcycle you want to buy.

Best Months and Time of Year to Buy a Motorcycle?

February in particular and the winter months are the best time when looking for a rebate on motorcycles. Other times to consider are the beginning and end of riding seasons. Respectively, April, May, October, and November.

Here is why these timeframes are favorable when looking to buy a motorcycle.

February and The Middle of Winter

Most dealers will want to clear slow-selling leftover inventory during that time, and they often resort to rebates to speed up the process.

You might get lucky in the used market too. Someone may need to make a quick buck by selling their bike or clearing space.

Your main advantage to waiting for the winter is a price rebate on a bike at a motorcycle dealer.

If you can’t ride a motorcycle in your region in winter to get it home, remember to include the cost of transporting the bike after you bought it.

Gas, renting a trailer or truck, loading strap, shipping service are all expenses to consider to make the final price of the deal and determine if it is worth it.

Best Time to Buy a Used Motorcycle

There are 3 main ”Best” times when looking to buy a motorcycle

Beginning of the riding season; April and May

An exciting time to make a bike purchase in the used market.

It is common for riders to want to put their bike for sale before the season kicks off.

They often want to make the sale and have the money to buy a newer or different set of wheels.

So the used market will receive an influx of offers for bikes for sale around spring.

Your main advantage during that timeframe is the increase of variety and amount of choices.

But this is the beginning of the motorcycle season, remember?

It means other riders want new motorcycles now! Sales will happen more quickly.

Also, prices won’t be as low like in winter or fall.

So if you find a bike you like, don’t wait too long to get your hands on it.

End of the riding season; October and November

The middle of fall brings opportunities for getting a new motorcycle.

  • You won’t have to compete with many bikers since the demand is lower in the Fall.
  • At this point, sellers will be motivated to lower their prices to make a quicker sale because they want their money before winter starts.

Otherwise, selling their bikes becomes even more complicated with the lowest demand of the year during the colder months.

When Should You Buy a Motorcycle Then?

February – If you want a leftover Brand new bike on rebate at a Dealer.

Spring – If you want a decent amount of offers and a variety of used bikes to choose from.

Fall – If you want a better price but still have some choice on the used motorcycle market.

Take your pick.

Feburary, The Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle from A Dealer?

February is the most attractive month for rebates when buying a motorcycle at a dealer. Many motorcycle dealers close their fiscal year near February and need to make financial decisions and cut losses to kickstart the new year.

February will ring the ”last call” alarm of Dealers to decide what to do with bikes that didn’t sell the previous season…

Motorcycle manufacturers also put pressure on Dealers with a quota of minimum sales to respect.

So the clock is ticking

Dealers have to choose

  • Either keep the bike and hope for a sale at a good price with better profits in spring.
  • Or put a rebate sign on the motorcycle to nudge a quicker sale.

So late January to the beginning of March is an excellent time for browsing dealer websites.

Also, consider visiting them directly on-site or calling them.

Some hidden gems might not be listed in their website database.

Also, if you want to order or pre-order a Motorcycle from a Dealer, February and March are great timing to file your demand.

You won’t get a deal on price, but you will be one of the first in line for the motorcycle you want.

You will most likely receive your bike at the beginning of the season or even sooner.

If you wait too long around late spring, you might instead be shown in the direction of the waiting list.

You will be in the queue for the following months with no bike to ride.

Worst Time to Buy a Motorcycle

The beginning of the riding seasons will generate a demand peak around the end of May and June. This timeframe is not favorable to a buyer.

Early summer brings strong demand to the motorcycle world.

So prices will be high. 

Both dealers and the used market will mostly have less desirable leftovers at the beginning of the summertime.

Likewise, prices tend to stay high during the summer months.

You might still be able to find something suitable for you.

But at this point, you might find it best to wait until the fall to get a better deal if you want to buy cheaper.

Parting Word

I hope you find and buy the motorcycle you want at the best of time and price for you.

Remember that good things come to those with patience.

Be patient enough to wait for a good rebate on a brand new motorcycle and towing it away on a trailer in February.

It will be close to torture to keep that excitement in check while looking at the new beast sleeping in your garage.

Please take a deep breath until the weather makes sense to take it out.

The wait is worth it.

Ride Safe 🙂