Best Starter Motorcycle for Woman Rider

Best starter motorcycle for woman

Let figure out what makes the best starter motorcycle for a woman. But first, if you are a woman and want to ride a motorcycle, Spoiler, you are a badass. 

Even if you are starting out or thinking about riding, that is the first step. Be proud of yourself for having the courage that many don’t have.

A pleasure to have you around; we need more women like you.

All right, male to female praise is over 🙂

I assume you found this post because you are looking for your first two-wheeled machine.

So let’s figure out what makes a better motorcycle for beginners and women riders.

Actually, let’s throw out the window that there are motorcycles for women and motorcycles for men. That bullshit.

Motorcycle are asexual creatures and what machine end up between your leg is up to you.

That said, there are differences between men and women that could better fit the rider and its machine.

What is the Best Starter Motorcycle for Women?

For figuring that one out, we will look at what makes a bike better suited than another for a newcomer female rider.

On average, the two differences between women riders from their male counterparts are;

  • Women are lighter
  • Women are shorter

As a woman, this could create criteria to consider when choosing your motorcycle.

  • The weight of the machine
  • The seat height 

And finally, as a beginner rider, regardless of your sexual identity, you have to consider

  • The engine power of the motorcycle
  • Price of the motorcycle
  • What type of motorcycle you wish to ride

The Weight of the Motorcycle

 Do you remember when you rode a bicycle the first few times as a kid? How it go? Did you fall? Did you drop the bike a couple of times? And after you got the hang of it, I imagine you rode confidently and stopped falling over. 

Well, that the same for motorcycles. And motorbikes are heavy.

In simple terms, the heavier a bike is, the harder it is to maneuver. Also, a weighty bike is more unforgiving of mistakes, especially at lower speeds.

As you get more and more riding experience, you will develop your riding skills. Over time your experience will reduce the weight factor of a motorcycle.

This will allow you to comfortably switch to a more powerful bike later down the road.

As a beginner, the risk of dropping your motorcycle is at its highest. A heavy bike is no fun to wrestle if you lose your balance.

And sorry to break it down to you lady, but if your bike is on the ground and it is too much for you to bring it back up on your own, it is too much bike for you.

So as a beginner women rider, give yourself the best chance of having fun learning to ride. 

Get a smaller and lightweight motorcycle for a starter.

A good starting point for the motorcycle’s weight for a beginner is around 200 to 400 pounds.

The Seat Height of The Motorcycle

As I mentioned earlier, women riders tend to be shorter. If you are a shorter lady, you will enjoy a lower seat height. 

It will be easier for you to put your feet on the ground and ”flat foot”. 

This will increase your confidence as a beginner rider rather than feeling scared dangling awkwardly on your tiptoes.

Also, when a sudden imbalance at low speed surprises you, it will be easier to put your boot on the ground to catch the bike’s weight.

But again, the same principle applies as you get more riding time under your belt. 

Smaller weight and seat height will matter less and less as you pile on the miles and become a badass riding chick. 

You will be ok to put only your left tiptoe on the ground on taller motorcycles as you grind that confidence. 

But as a beginner and maybe a shorter rider, give yourself a starting chance. 

Cruiser and Standard types of motorcycles offer lower seat heights on average. They also give their riders and more intuitive and comfortable riding positions.

A good number to look out for seat height is around 26-27 inches or lower. 

But consider that many motorcycles, mainly sport and adventures, don’t go that low.

Of course, this varies from person to person, depending on their height. If you are a taller lady, seat height won’t be that big of an issue.

To know if your feet would touch the ground depending on a specific motorcycle, click on this link

This is a small but fantastic browser program. 

It will give you a visual preview of your riding position based on your height when sitting on a specific bike.

The Engine Power of The Motorcycle

Pulling on the gas handle too hard and losing control at the explosion of power pushing you forward is a thing in motorcycling.

This happens to riders who get a new bike they don’t know well yet and new riders in particular.

Remove one of these factors and get a bike with lower and adequate power for beginners rider.

Having a less powerful bike will reduce risk. This also will allow you to be more comfortable developing your riding skill.

Smoother and longer accelerations give you more latitude and time to react appropriately.

More powerful bikes are also heavier, which conflicts with our first point. They also tend to be more expensive, which brings us to our next point.

Keep an eye out for motorcycles in the 250 to 500 cc range. They are an excellent choice for starting out.

Price of the Motorcycle

As a beginner rider, the price will probably be something important to consider.

Here another advantage about lighter and less powerful bikes.

Lightweight motorcycles are often less expensive.

An excellent solution to add up is to buy a used bike. Look for a couple of years old but still recent motorcycle. You will avoid paying for an overpriced brand new machine that way. 

Being recent, the bike will retain most of its value if you feel like selling it and moving on to something else.

This will leave you money for other expenses such as insurance and protective gear.

Also, I strongly recommend you include in your budget to buy

  • Crash bars for your first motorcycle
  • Motorcycle boots with complete ankle protection

As a newcomer motorcyclist, it is statistically likely you will drop your first bike.

Try to find a used beginner motorcycle with crash bars already on, or buy and install them on the bike you choose. 

If crash bars do not exist for your motorcycle model, install the next best thing; frame sliders and engine guards.

An unprotected dropped and damaged motorcycle is a fine way to break the bank. This awful experience could also suddenly and make you scared of riding.

Crash bars will also allow you to be mentally comfortable about dropping your bikes. 

Believe me; I know something about it. 

I dropped my first bike, a Vstar, while parking at Mcdonald’s two days after I installed its crash bars.

After the first second, I froze then panicked about the possible damage. 

I then threw my arms up in triumph when I realized my bike could not be toppled over anymore. Dropping my Vstar would not damage it because of the crash bars.

Installing crash bars means you can push yourself when practicing at low speed and not worry. This is a fantastic feeling.

Final advice linked to dropping your bike.

Buys motorcycle boots with complete ankles protection. 

Also wear long pants.

70% of motorcyclist injuries happen to lower limbs when riding at low speed. 

A.k.a. dropping your bike on your leg.

Your Personal Choice and Style Preference 

You should not choose a motorcycle that doesn’t appeal to you.

If you don’t like your motorcycle, riding won’t be fun, and you won’t ride.

Even if cruiser and standard bike a more suited for a beginner but you would like a sportbike instead, get it.

But all your riding friends ride cruisers and don’t like that type of motorcycle. What should you do?

Don’t put yourself in an unpleasant situation by buying a motorcycle you don’t like to fit in. 

Go get that sweet sporty motorcycle that makes your eyes sparkle when you think about it.

 If you want to buy a Harley and nothing else, do it. 

Riding a motorcycle should be a happy time, so choose a machine that makes you feel satisfied. 

If you are unsure before buying your first bike, go to Dealers and ask to sit on the different models they propose. 

Try out different motorcycle types and what riding position you find to your taste.

And remember that this is your first bike. 

If you change your mind, there always options.

Just sell your first bike, buy another and keep on riding.

Numbers to Remembers for a Starter Bike for Women

Before we look at the list, let’s wrap it up quickly about what makes a bike more suited for you as a beginner female rider.

  • Weight 200-400 pounds
  • Seat height 26 to 27 inches or lower
  • Engine cc 250-500

Those are your three essential points here. 

Of course, these are only some thumb rules and recommendations. Nothing is concrete here.

For instance, there are bikes heavier than 400 pounds and got more than 500cc out there that make great starter motorcycles.

These numbers can be lower or higher depending on your personal choice and situation.


Don’t overthink your first motorcycle lady.

Don’t wait for your perfect first bike to show up in your life. Perfection doesn’t exist.

What would have been an excellent motorcycle choice today will be replaced by another one tomorrow. 

There is just too much choice out there, And guess what? It got no end. 

Too much choice and too much research will paralyze you into not taking action. 

By doing too much research, you give yourself the illusion of moving toward a commitment. But that not true you are stagnating.

Not making a decision is still making a decision, and that choice rarely brings good things. 

So take action, and let’s use a magic number to help you. 

Number 3. It represents three simple choices to make it easier to choose.

Do some research for a week at MOST about motorcycles you like and would nicely fit a newcomer rider. 

Use the guideline I mentioned to you without being obsessed with it.

Make yourself a deadline. In one week, you will have a piece of paper with only three motorcycles you would like to start with. 

Then make a choice, choose one. No excuses, no overthinking. Five minutes top to come to a decision.

Then start the necessary arrangement and phone calls to get your chosen motorcycle.

And remember, this is your first bike. So don’t feel pressured if you are scared you won’t like the machine. If you dislike it in the end, resell it and start over again until you are satisfied.

You got one week 🙂

Ride safe, ladies.