Jean-Philippe Drapeau Toaster

I’m Jean-Philippe, nickname Toaster.

I wouldn’t be of this world anymore If it wasn’t for motorcycles.

At the darkest moment of my life, I almost did the unthinkable when I decided I had enough and nothing to lose…

But then, I started riding motorcycles…

The incredible therapeutic effect of riding a bike was the first step I desperately needed to bog out of severe depression.

I look back at this picture

This is the first genuine smile and happy attitude I had in months if not years and I was not faking it.

Six years later, with a healed mind and solid spirit, I want to give back and help my fellow bikers as much as I can.

I want other people to be as happy as I am when riding and raising awareness for motorcyclists.

And I will do that by sharing my two-wheeler knowledge and going all out to make you live the best motorcycle experience I can.

A piece of advice;

Ride safe and be happy.